Our olive oil's quality

Our olive oil's quality

In Sucesores de Hermanos López we believe that the evaluation of our olive oils, by the different tasting panels, is always something positive.

A first verification of how the oils of the campaign have come out is communicated to us, immediately after finishing a certain product, from the tasting panel of the D.O. Baena, entity that guarantees that the oils that we pack correspond to the category of extra virgin and also informs us of the organoleptic characteristics perceived to confirmation of the good work carried out in the field and in the oil mill.

Another opportunity to obtain valuable data on the quality of our olive oil are the different national and international competitions that take place all over the world. There are currently around 200 national and 75 international competitions that every year analyse thousands of oils from all the producing countries. Although it is a complicated and commendable task, it is not possible to think of participating in all the competitions to appear at the top of the different rankings that every year award the prize for the "best olive oil in the world".

For our part, year after year, we have been reducing our participation in this type of events where our only purpose is to be sure that the quality of our products is constantly maintained at the highest level.

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