Generations of traditions in modern times


1st generation

After two generations of hard work in the fields, the first leap forward in the history of the family was taken by Antonio López Ortiz de la Torre when he built the family mill in 1918, an oil mill equipped with the best technology in its day of hydraulic presses and truncated cone millstones, to extract the best of the Subbetica mountain range. The business history of Sucesores Hermanos López goes back to the 19th century. They are more than 160 years of dedication to the olive grove luqueño, starting from a small plot of land, barely one hectare, which laid the foundation stone in the family heritage, back in 1840.

3rd and 4th generation

The next generation of the brothers, Antonio and Vicente López Jiménez, worked to strengthen the patrimony, aiding in the company’s growth up until 1978. It was in this year that the Sucesores Hermanos López S.A. company was established. By this time the family had 700 hectares of olive groves and there was a need seen to take yet another step forward to modernise the mill. The new mill was equipped with the most modern organic continuous system. This new system eliminated the production of vegetal wastewater. The company made a renewed commitment to market their prized, high-quality oils: Morellana and La Laguna.

5th and 6th generation

Today, the sixth generation of the López family has taken on the challenge to modernise the company and make the most of the long family tradition. They are faced with the greatest demands to produce oils of the highest quality and take into account the delicate work from groves to bottle.
A part of the family’s most treasured lands have been transformed to organic cultivation and each estate property is carefully looked after and analysed to obtain the best of the olive trees in the Natural Park of the Sierra de la Subbetica foothills.