Morellana Ecological Variety Picuda Harvest 2020/21 Glass Bottle 500 ml

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Morellana is the fruit of over a century of experienced master millers at Sucesores de Hermanos López S.A. Morellana Picuda is an Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the single Picuda variety with an exceptional quality that even the most demanding of palates enjoy. The new bottle has metallic detailing on its label, adding to its elegance inside and out.




VARIETIES: Single Varietal Picuda


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Intense green fruity aroma of fresh olive. Complex and perfectly balanced with fruit notes of apple and banana and an intense green almond. An elevated sweetness on the palate, characteristic of the Picuda variety. An initial almond note that gives way to herbaceous notes of green wheat. A finish of notes green banana, apple, tomato plant and artichoke. There is a low, almost unperceivable bitterness and a very light pungency at the end. Perfect for pairing with arugula salads, oven-roasted artichokes and roasted meats (for its peppery pungent quality).


Superior category olive oil obtained directly from olives and only by mechanical means.

Storage conditions: Keep away from heat and light.

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