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Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the Sierra Subbetica

P.D.O. Baena - Organic


Morellana Picuda is the fruit of over a century of experienced master millers at Sucesores de Hermanos López S.A. Morellana Picuda is an Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the single Picuda variety with an exceptional quality that even the most demanding palates enjoy.

The oil is produced at the end of October, exclusively crafted in limited quantities.

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The aroma of the organic extra virgin olive oil morellana picuda is intense fruity of green olive, of great complexity and harmony, with fruity notes of apple and banana, highlighting the green almond for its intensity, as well as freshly cut grass.

An elevated sweetness on the palate, characteristic of the Picuda variety. An initial almond note that  gives way to herbaceous notes of green wheat.

The finish has green banana and artichoke. There is a low, almost unperceivable bitterness and a very light pungency at the end.

Morellana Picuda by Sucesores de Hermanos López


Only by controlling the entire process can we obtain the highest quality extra virgin olive oil. At Sucesores de Hermanos López we guarantee the product from its origin to its bottle.


    From 700 to 1000 meters above sea level.


    Traditional mountain olive grove with a steep slope.


    Continental Mediterranean climate with average rainfall and marked thermal oscillations.

  • SOIL

    Clay with a high calcium carbonate content.


    Olives from 100% unirrigated Picuda variety olive groves.


    2nd half of October.


    By hand and shaking methods


    Not later than 4 hours after collection by continuous two-stage centrifugation.


    In stainless steel tanks with nitrogen.


    Bottle of 500ml and 100ml (only packs of 3)

Morellana Picuda oil is filtered for a very clean and stable product. It is stored in tanks with an inert atmosphere that helps to preserve the tasting profile complexity of this olive juice.