Where to buy unfiltered extra virgin olive oil

bottle of unfiltered olive oil

Where to buy unfiltered extra virgin olive oil

Hello, friends of extra virgin olive oil! Today we are going to talk about unfiltered olive oil. When it comes to buying unfiltered extra virgin olive oil, there are a number of questions that we need to answer.Where can I buy unfiltered extra virgin olive oil? When is the best time to buy unfiltered olive oil? Is filtered olive oil better than unfiltered olive oil? What is the difference? Today we are going to answer these questions so that you can decide on a specific oil.


What is unfiltered olive oil?

Unfiltered extra virgin olive oil is the juice extracted directly from olives. It is obtained through a mechanical process. Do not add any additives and omit the last step before bottling, which is filtration. This will produce a denser EVOO with multiple visual defects, but will not affect the properties of the oil or the vitamins.

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In addition, unfiltered organic extra virgin olive oil is characterised by the fact that it is free of pesticides and chemicals at any stage of the production process. Therefore, unfiltered organic EVOO is an almost unprocessed fresh food (because it is naturally decanted). The most important thing is to respect the environment. In terms of taste it is the taste of a freshly squeezed fruit, the bitterness and spiciness are more intense, and the fruity nuances are also more intense.

Is filtered or unfiltered olive oil better?

As far as taste is concerned, this question logically depends on the palate of each individual.Unfiltered oil is no better or worse than filtered oil.
From the organoleptic point of view, we often hear many different criticisms: because unfiltered oil is deeper than filtered oil, it is possible to locate the aroma better. We hear these criticisms from experts and professionals in the field. According to our standard, after a little tasting and precise filtering, the difference in aroma and taste is very small.
You can form your own opinion by filtering unfiltered olive oil at home yourself. You can use a coffee filter. You will see that the oil obtained is more transparent. Obviously, industrial filters are not the same, but this home test is an acceptable approximation.
One of the advantages of unfiltered olive oil that is still cloudy on the surface is that the customer is convinced that the oil is fresh and produced in recent olive operations. Another fascinating property of unfiltered oils is that they retain complementary polyphenols in the reduced proportions of water that were not removed. What does this mean? Polyphenols are elements of enormous antioxidant activity and therefore highly desirable to integrate into the diet.
However, one of the fundamental differences is that unfiltered extra virgin olive oil contains olive water, which causes it to oxidise more quickly. Its mixture with the aforementioned particles makes it less durable and we must consume it quickly because it will ferment.

Buy unfiltered extra virgin olive oil online

At Aceites Sucesores de Hermanos López, every year we produce our oil La Laguna Sin Filtrar. Without any filtering process and produced 100% naturally, we obtain an exquisite, freshly squeezed juice of olives from the Sierras Subbéticas DOP Baena. Available in 500ml glass bottles and 500ml PET bottles. Here is our pack of 8 PET bottles of unfiltered extra virgin olive oil.
If we have not managed to convince you of the benefits and unique properties of unfiltered extra virgin olive oil and you prefer filtered olive oil, you can always take a look at our online olive oil shop and browse through our catalogue of award-winning olive oils from all over the world.
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