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Alexis Kerner

Born in Philadelphia, she is an expert olive oil taster who has lived in Seville for more than two decades. She received her bachelor's degree in Environmental Science from Connecticut College (USA) and her degree as a Virgin Olive Oil Tasting Expert from the International Olive Oil Council and the University of Jaén.

She has trained with the best Spanish olive oil tasters, Brígida Jiménez and María Paz Aguilera. Alexis sits on the juries of international competitions such as EVOOLEUM, Ovibeja and TerraOlivo. In 2014, she founded The Olive Oil Workshop, a company that strives to educate buyers of all levels as well as producers of virgin olive oils to enrich consumer knowledge, promote good EVOO and support producers in a difficult market.


In this class, you can join a session of olive oil lovers on a private Zoom call with expert taster Alexis Kerner, who will be your guide as you discover the pleasures of extra virgin olive oil.


Alexis is a born enthusiast, with a wealth of knowledge and passion for olive oil. She will not only transform the way you taste and appreciate olive oil, but will also share excellent tips on how you can incorporate olive oil into your daily meals.


The minimum number of people to form a group is 6. Once a group has completed the booking, 3 oil samples are sent to the participants and Alexis sends them the link to the video conference.  


The tastings last approximately 75 minutes.


With a tasting kit, more people can participate in the event as the amount of oil we send can be used for up to 4 people, but always being in the same place as the zoom links are personal.


The tastings can be conducted in Spanish or English.

For company groups

An ideal event for corporate groups. Participants receive their personalised tasting kit at home. The tasting takes place via videoconference on the Zoom platform in a private and secure room.

For groups of friends

An olive oil tasting is a perfect plan to enjoy a good experience with friends. A tasting with friends or with your family becomes a fun experience where you can learn about olive oil in an original way. 


Individual bookings

Apart from closed group bookings, there is also the possibility of individual bookings. The first week of each month you can reserve a place for a tasting on the last Saturday of each month.

When the minimum number of participants confirm their participation, the event will be confirmed and oil packs will be sent out.

To request an individual tasting date, please fill in the form below, select 1 participant and one of the available dates.

Request a date

Remember that to request an individual tasting date, select "1" in the participants box and one of the available dates.

To request a group tasting date select the number of participants and choose the date "custom date (groups)" and enter the date you are interested in in the "comments" field.

In both cases we will contact you to manage and confirm the booking.